Double standards appear to be endorsed by upper management.

Mr. Director,

When will you see the light on how your double standard is impacting disciplinary, morale, team cohesiveness, and equity and agency culture? When will you stop the preferential treatment of these chosen ones picked by wardens and regional directors giving the impression all is fair in war. War against staff and not the inmates.

How serious is the agency about ethical issues? Not too long ago an SSU officer and K9 sergeant were dismissed due to having an ongoing friendship w an ex offender (which they were fully aware and not hiding).

Unfortunately they were ignorant of the specific policy language concerning this matter; however they were totally forthcoming when asked. The matter was reviewed as a tertiary issue of a larger matter.

The employees were fired, then and now it sounds extreme; but what ire’s me is that in supposedly equitable system employees in different areas are held to different standards. It was recently seen that a particular warden’s staff are Facebook-ing parolees in what appears to be questionable means.

But I am unaware of if this matter is being reviewed as the SSU staff issue. If so why are the penalties so different? I don’t believe unless a serious security breach has occurred that they should be fired but some were. More to come…..


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